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We can take your B2B, B2C or C2C ideas and dreams and convert them to reality.

We can develop for you:

Business to Business sites that will allow your company to effectively implement its B2B e-commerce strategy. Let us help you leverage the Internet to form powerful trading networks or conduct business over the Internet.

Business to Consumer sites that help you to connect with your customers and keep their loyalty. Get your online store up and run quickly.

Consumer to Consumer sites that emerge from your imagination to attaining global exposure. From building an online community to networking special interest groups, and much more.

Our expertise goes beyond the technical building of a site. We can also provide business guidance to help predict the success of the project, or marketing expertise to attract
B2B Websites - Trading Communities

Business to business sites are generally database-driven. Typically, these sites function when suppliers enter their name and services and buyers can search for the product or service based on matching criteria. This creates an Internet marketplace that bridges the gap between the traditional buyers & sellers and creates a highly efficient marketplace. These B2B sites require quality databases. This back-end phase of web development represents about 75 percent of the total website development costs.
B2C Websites - Online Product Sales

Business to consumer sites are generally database-driven e-commerce sites where products are displayed in an online catalog and are stored in a database. Typically, hot new products are pulled from the database and displayed on the homepage daily. The buyer can add items from the database to the shopping cart and prices held in the database will be totaled. The site administrator can easily change product and price information. is and example of this kind of B2C site.
E-Commerce & Shopping Cart Websites

For a small retail store with upto 100-10000 products to sell online

If you are a store that manufactures and sells products like apparel or jewelry and requires an online presence, you will need an online catalog of the items that you intend selling, allow visitors to search the catalog and then add items to a shopping cart, order and pay online, then this is the e-store package that will suit your needs. Getting these products shipped to the destination if necessary and delivering the goods on time is prime and you don't want your store to lag behind when it comes to customer service. This option also allows further customization and can deliver a solution that is completely suited to specific needs.
List of Features:
This is one of the most basic options that help establish a framework of an Online Shopping With a simple shopping cart, catalog creation facility, a custom storefront appearance and online payment facilities it helps your Online Shopping take will off for efficient online selling.

A product catalog that allows you to create a catalog of all the products that you want to sell and display online.

A shopping cart that allows customers to select the products of their choice and check them out at the online counter.

A search facility to search for products

Customer accounts : Personalized areas where members can login, register, add and delete and edit product information or any other relevant information. A web master would be in control and edit the information before publishing the information.

An online payment facility that will help users pay online in a secure manner. Payment Options compatible with leading payment gateways (enter just merchant account details) to process payments online; Secure online credit cards/e-checks payments through SSL protocol and encryption of sensitive data.
Add on Features:
This feature will help you integrate shipping/courier options with leading shipping service providers.

Inventory online:
For whom is this option good for?

For a store with more than 1000-10000+ product and facility to stock products be it retail or wholesale.


If you plan to sell a host of items ranging from books, apparel, sports items, cassettes or even baby products you can benefit from an online presence in many ways. Apart from making your products visible through the net, you can manage stocks in a more efficient manner. For example, if your customer orders for 100 Badminton rackets, your Online Shopping software will check if 100 rackets are available at that point of time in the warehouse and then if necessary make an order to the concerned manufacturers to replenish stocks and also ensure that they arrive on time before making a commitment regarding the delivery of these goods.

Once the customer confirms an order online, the package checks that the order can be validated and the stocks are very much in the warehouse and only then is the order confirmed. While the order is being shipped the customer can check the status of his online order anytime during that period. This makes it possible for the customer to virtually travel with the package until it reaches him.

This scenario actually can be worked on to other business models that can benefit from this package. In other words, this model is that of e-bay or Amazon or any other similar store.
List of Features:
Inventory management, catalog & import/export:
arrow Packing slips (fax/email delivery) for each order
arrow Bulk updates (amount/percentage) of products inventory
arrow Inventory update (CSV spreadsheet file)
arrow Option to disable sales of unavailable/out-of-stock
arrow Products reports (new arrivals, RMA, on order, in stock & backordered)
arrow Batch printing of mailing labels & returns forms
arrow Catalog with unlimited products and categories
arrow Common product structure/definition
arrow Ability to sell hard goods and electronic products
arrow Web-based file/image manager to upload files online
arrow Ability to set min/max quantity per order
arrow Unlimited attributes: images, options, files, and features
arrow Product reviews and custom (user defined) fields
arrow Different price implication for combination of options
arrow Easy-to-use wizard to import products/customers (CSV file
arrow Export customers, products & invoices into QuickBooks
Shopping cart, customer account & order processing:
arrow Cart (sales coupon, gift note and saving for later purchase)
arrow Account (orders, subscriptions, payments history
arrow Automatic sales receipts (#, billing/shipping info & taxes)
arrow Invoices with payment type/delivery, discounts, etc
arrow Merchant sales follow-up notifications
arrow Ability to track orders status online
arrow Ability to review of outstanding/completed orders
arrow Sales receipts to customers & merchant
arrow Email alerts when new orders are submitted
Payment & shipping options:
arrow Pre-integration with leading payment processors
arrow Secure online credit cards/e-checks payments
arrow Payments by check, credit/debit card, money order, COD
arrow Ability to process credit cards online
arrow Creation a new credit card entry with custom fields
arrow Multi-currency support (settlement into basic currency)
arrow Dynamic shipping calculation (flat, linear/table) within regions
arrow National/global shipping options
arrow Optional pre-integration with leading real-time shipping carriers (UPS, USPS, FedEx)
Custom storefront appearance:
arrow Custom storefront appearance: add logo, header/footer, etc
arrow Variety of pre-integrated pages
arrow Ability to create new custom pages
arrow Full customization of presentation layer
arrow Pure ASP/HTML scripts & style sheets
arrow Any regional language (UNICODE support)
System settings & services:
arrow Settings (general, currency, language, etc)
arrow Workability with the back office on the Internet
arrow Web services interface to manipulate all data queries
arrow Fully scalable package to add any new rules
arrow Full 1 year subscription to upgrades/updates
Sales management & promotions:
arrow Sales journal (order & refund documents) and secure download option
arrow Ability to accept payments online (secure transactions
arrow Tracking of orders received: Web, phone, fax, mail, and email
arrow Catalog sales with ability to create customer's account
arrow Advanced search by documents, customers, suppliers & products
arrow Intelligent search by time period (day, week, month) and transactions
arrow Printing/emailing of invoices and packing slips in bulk/per-order
arrow Management reports: sales revenues, taxes, profits & payments
arrow Price lists for customers and membership
arrow Free shipping based on amount, weight and quantity
arrow Coupons (products range, departments/categories), rebates & vouchers
arrow Bulk mailing campaigns to email newsletters, special offers, etc
For more details please visit
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PHP / MySQL Batch
Duration: 180 Days
Training Hours: 8 hrs per Day
Timings: 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Full Time
Status: Available
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Web Designers Batch
Duration: 90 Days
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SEO Training Expert
Duration: 60 Days
Training Hours: 8 hrs per Day
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Status: Available
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